“Energy by sun and wind: It’s for free – go, use it!” that is the slogan which describes the German solar pioneer Greentech. For more than 10 years founder Nenad Prodanovic has proven his business model. The Greentech was founded on in Vreden, Germany. Greentech is a success story working for all parties, suppliers as well as customers. Greentech is part of a group of successful new companies that established renewable energies in the German energy market. Initially targeting consumer households with photovoltaic modules, Mr. Prodanovic has identified the promising market of renewable energies at any scale, ranging from huge industrial power plants to agricultural applications. Small households are now able to produce green energy as well as business investors at a large scale – and the sun is paying the bills! Nowadays the company employs more than 40 skilled technicians and engineers which turn promises into delivered solutions.

Solutions that have paid off for the customer, solve energy matters that are ecologically sound and are long term cost savers for the society as a whole.

Solar is the way forward, Mr. Prodanovic is convinced and now brings his entrepreneurial spirit to Greece: Oko- Tec Hellas is a newly founded corporation especially for the Greek market which represents a significant direct investment for the company. The company will offer technical and business consulting, delivers the same hightech modules made from crystals or thin-films, inverters and accessories it uses in other markets, will install and supply other companies in the renewable energy market and realize installations at all scales that can be supported by the legal allowing within Greece. Greentech understands the Win-Win approach in the current Greek market and wants to be a part of the newly started green energy initiative everybody will benefit from.

It is Designated to employ skilled local staff as well as educating promising young people in renewable energies to create a independently operating unit within Greece that works at the best technological standards. The module-hold systems will be manufactured locally, for that purpose the company will have to create buildings and construction lines. Greentech is in one way a typical German company: It delivers reliably and with the best quality achievable. Greentech Germany cannot prove it’s experience on paper alone, we can supply you with references of solar installations at any size ranging up to 22.000 sqm for a single unit on industrial areas. Our best reference is our customers. Greentech is your partner for “Energy by the Sun and Wind: It’s for free – go, use it!”.